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KENNEBUNK — Expand Wellness has opened in downtown Kennebunk, providing relief to aches and pains through personalized, practical training for injury rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance.

Theresa Michalec

Movement instructor and trainer Theresa Michalec relocated to Maine recently after living abroad in New Zealand. She has adventured and taught in many places, studying and working extensively in the field of “movement as medicine,” along with others who help people recover from injury and pain.

“Your body gets it,” she said in an email. “Movement is not just muscles, it involves tissues and cells — skeletal, muscular and neurological.”

The program changes participants, breaking poor patterns and replacing them with healthy ones. Individuals learn how to rebalance, mobilize and strengthen the body — no equipment needed.

“Maine is a very unique and special place, I am grateful and thrilled to be here,” said Michalec.

The goal at Expand Wellness is empowering people into a better state of wellness through movement.

“Pain is misunderstood, it is a signal to pay attention,” Michalec said. “Pain is not a permanent or sustainable way for life, especially in a state with the motto, ‘The way life should be.’ So why not learn a way that provides natural sustained pain relief?”

Michalec has studied with many thought leaders in the field of wellness and movement, and brings various aspects of these into her own style of teaching.

“If you want to change how you feel in your body, you have to change the pattern that created it,” she said. “I’m not sure who said this, but it’s true and that’s exactly what we are here to achieve.”

Michalec has many areas of specialty and works with a variety of clients and varying conditions, including chronic low back pain, recovery and strengthening after knee replacements, hip imbalances, neck pain, spinal decompression, shoulders and rotator cuff overuse, scoliosis, mobility and balance training, Parkinson’s disease, postural alignment, pelvic floor training, and many others that require an integrated approach for getting out of pain and back to living a full, active life.

Expand Wellness follows COVID-19 protocols. All sessions are one-on-one, with a built-in 20-minute period between clients to sanitize and clean. In the studio is a True HEPA air purifier, and Michalec employs a three-step approach to keep things sanitized.

Expand Wellness is open Monday through Saturday at 1 High St., Kennebunk. For more information, call 646-852-7590 or email [email protected]

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