Business listings, Feb. 28, 2021 | Entrepreneurs | – Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette


These applications for assumed business names were filed with the Champaign County clerk’s office:

  • BeautyWithZarry, 673 Saint Andrews Circle, Rantoul, JhaShaiya Reed, same address.
  • Breaking Through The Walls, 1146 Alta Brown, Rantoul, Patricia A. Brown, same address.
  • Drea’s Kre8tive Catering, 408 S. Sunset Drive, U, Andrea Waller, same address.
  • Family Table Catering, 705 Doisy Lane, C, Antonio M. Gonzalez and Gabriela G. Salinas De Gonzalez, same address.
  • GBMusig, 1401 E. Michigan Ave., U, Gary W. Barren, 2805 E. California, U.
  • Hello Plant, 301 W. Curtis Road, Savoy, Tuong Oanh Tien Niekamp, same address.
  • Kat Knits, 3147 County Road 400 East, Fisher, Kathleen Crowder, same address.
  • MBKK, 1606 N. Mattis Ave., C, Trang N. Tran, same address.
  • Red Rose Botanicals, 108 N. Turner Drive, Mahomet, Natasha Dengmanivanh, same address.
  • Rey’s Remodeling & Repair, 3 Bridle Lane, U, Reynaldo Gaspar Huerta, same address.
  • ServiceHubConnect, 1901 Nancy Court, C, Philip Wali, same address.
  • Tha Real Steppa’s Banquet, 706 N. Prospect Ave., C, Lorena Greer, same address.
  • WiN Consulting Group, 408 Taylor Thomas Lane, C, Nikia M. and William A. Kyles, same address.
  • Wonder Street, 1505 Waterford Place, C, Joe Sellett, same address.
  • Z5 Clothing, 673 Saint Andrews Circle, Rantoul, JhaShaiya Reed, same address.
  • Zalipina Business, 323 Paddock Drive West, Savoy, Lynda Nzuki, same address.

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