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Bravely Default 2 sends us back to an era where turn-based battles were one the hottest things amongst JRPGs, with strategic gameplay and careful planning for battles ahead. Managing your party, making sure to have the best equipment possible, all of these fields were required to be carefully thought beforehand. One of the features that went alongside this process tremendously well, is the Job system was implemented in the genre very early on.

The latest entry in this beloved IP came back strong with 24 different Jobs for us to find and unlock, one of them being a spoiler-heavy one, that can be found as a secret at the very end of the game. Therefore, a SPOILER WARNING would be fitting here, so read this list at your discretion. Also, we will avoid using any Boss names within this guide, to avoid additional spoilers story-wise. With that said, let us proceed with a full list of all Jobs and where to find them.

(Every Job will be listed based on their respective Chapter. If you need additional help in regards to how to obtain any of these Asterisks, feel free to click the corresponding links. You will be redirected to the respective guides for each Job, explaining in further detail where to find them.)


Freelancer Job

Available at the very beginning of the game, Freelancer is the default Job of the game and it doesn’t have any requirements to be unlocked. Freelancers are a partial Jack of all Trades class, with tendency towards support with a wide range of abilities that help out the party, and great passives for adventuring, like the ‘JP Up’ and ‘JP Up and Up’.

Fixed Command: Miscellany

Black Mage Job

The second of the immediately available Jobs, as it is unlocked alongside the Freelancer. Black Mages are a staple in every single Square Enix’s RPG, so no surprise here. Masters of elemental spells, these damage machines focus on exploiting enemy weaknesses and hit hard with their respective elemental magic.

Fixed Command: Black Magic

White Mage Job

White Mages are the definite healers of Bravely Default 2, with their white as snow robes and fancy hats. Unlocked very early on, together with the Vanguard Job, through the first Boss fight in the game with the corresponding Asterisk holders.

Fixed Command: White Magic

Vanguard Job

Similarly to the White Mage Asterisk, this one is found together with it and unlocks the Warrior-like Job of the game, Vanguard. Focusing on Axes and Shields, this is a blend of a tank and a fighter, making it a very good all-around Job.

Fixed Command: Heroics

Monk Job

Unlocked through the first actual challenging Boss fight of Bravely Default 2, which is also the final fight of the Prologue, connecting Chapter 1 to the whole story. Monks are excellent fist fighters that can act as secondary healers too, with the right equipment.

Fixed Command: Martial Arts

Chapter 1

Bard Job

The most fabulous of Jobs in Bravely Default 2, Bards are a support type Job, a very good one as well, that fit any party with their singing abilities. Unlocked in Chapter 1, after completing the first dungeon.

Fixed Command: Singing

Beastmaster Job

The Beastmaster Job is the equivalent of a Blue Mage in Bravely Default 2. Focused on taming wild animals, then releasing them to enemies and causing havoc among them. A quite unique and fun Job, suitable for any party composition. The asterisk can be found as you progress through the story, from the second Boss in Chapter 1.

Fixed Command: Taming

Gambler Job

The first optional Job you can find in Bravely Default 2. Right after beating the person who owns the Beastmaster Asterisk, the chain-quest needed for obtaining the Gambler Asterisk is now available by visiting the gaming hall in Savalon. After completing every step and joining in Bravely Default 2’s minigame (B’n’D), you are now the proud owner of the mentioned Asterisk. As the name of this Job implies, Gamblers are all about luck and even their skills are surrounded by such a gimmick. A high-risk, high-reward class.

Fixed Command: Gaming

Thief Job

Masters of Stealing, these tricksters are known for their speedy strikes and sneakiness. Obtained through the third Boss of Chapter 1, a must have for anyone who likes Daggers and stealing items from enemies.

Fixed Command: Thievery

Berserker Job

The very last Job Asterisk you get from Chapter 1, through its last Boss, Berserkers take advantage of the ‘berserk’ status in order to inflict as much damage as possible.

Fixed Command: Savagery

Chapter 2

Red Mage Job

Chapter 2 begins with an interesting Asterisk, the Red Mage’s one, found from the very first boss you encounter. Able to use both healing and offensive magic, they are a great alternative to those who want to hit one bird with one stone.

Fixed Command: Red Magic

Ranger Job

Its Asterisk is obtained from the second Boss of Chapter 2, within the woods of Wiswald, by simply following the story. Rangers are all about damage, with some really handy passives too.

Fixed Command: Hunting

Shieldmaster Job

The third boss of Chapter 2 is quite the tough one, and is also the owner of the Shieldmaster Asterisk. If you like shields and protecting your allies, this is the Job for you.

Fixed Command: Shieldcraft

Pictomancer Job

You can get the Pictomancer by defeating the very last boss of Chapter 2, and I would say the specific enemy has a sad background, even if the events led to this can’t be excused nevertheless. Expect a tough fight, as Pictomancers are masters at manipulating the whole field with various spells.

Fixed Command: Artistry

Chapter 3

Dragoon Job

A fan-favorite for sure, Dragoons are masters of the spear and their trademark ‘Jump’ ability is a sight to behold. Found after certain events unfold through the beginning of Chapter 3, leading to a battle with an Adelle’s friend.

Fixed Command: Draconics

Spiritmaster Job

Unlocked as a pair with the Swordmaster Job, after defeating a duo of Bosses midway through the Chapter. A different version to a White Mage, focusing on summoning spirits that provide certain utility, instead of burst amounts of healing.

Fixed Command: Spirit Magic

Swordmaster Job

Unlocked as a pair with the Spiritmaster Job, after defeating a duo of Bosses midway through the Chapter. These gladiator-like beasts are able to unleash multiple-hitting strikes, as well as taking advantage of their various stances.

Fixed Command: Swordcraft

Oracle Job

By defeating the final Boss in Chapter 3, the Oracle job is unlocked. A support type Job, manipulating time and space with spells like Haste and Stop.

Fixed Command: Divination

Salve-Maker Job

The second optional Job of the game, the Salve-Maker Asterisk can be obtained by a very interesting quest, found in Enderno, an optional village that you can go to right before visiting Rimedhal, the main city of Chapter 3. Due to this fact, you can actually get this Job at the very begining of the Chapter, without even progressing the story at all. It is highly suggested as well, as the Salve-Make is a great support class, and one of my personal favorites. Great replacement for a healer and saboteur.

Fixed Command: Formulation

Chapter 4

Arcanist Job

We now entered Chapter 4, which provides a lot of freedom to the player, by letting him choose the next destination to visit, instead of a linear path. This means that the Arcanist and the two following Jobs to get, can be unlocked at any given order. For this Job, you need to complete the quest line found in Wiswald and beat the last Boss you find there. Arcanists are supreme wizards, with spells that hit extremely hard any opponent.

Fixed command: Necromancy

Bastion Job

Instead of Wiswald, head back to Halcyonia for pursuing the quest for the Bastion Job, one that mixes a Vanguard and Shieldmaster role to one. Endure a lot of pain, with the option to inflict it back.

Fixed Command: Guardianship

Phantom Job

If you want to unlock Phantom, Savalon is where your next destination should be, instead of the other two. Follow the quest found in the desert city, and by defeating the Boss there you can unlock the awesome-looking Phantom. A more offensive-like Thief, with focus on the Dual Wield ability and critical attacks.

Fixed Command: Occultism

Hellblade Job

The Asterisk that is in the hands of Chapter 4’s last Boss, the almighty Hellblade is a mix of Spellbaldes and a Dark Knight. Its passive Ability Surpassing Power is a must for anyone who wants to jump into post-game, as it enables any character that has it to bypass the 9999 damage cap.

Fixed Command: Diabolism


Chapter 6

Bravebearer Job

The only Job available by chasing down the game’s true ending, as you can easily miss it if you are happy enough with the default one. After you finish the game once, the moment you enter Chapter 6, you will be able to chase down this Asterisk, by following the guide we have prepared for you. As with all of the Jobs above, simply click on it to be redirected over to that article, and avoid any further spoilers here.

Fixed Command: Bravery

And those were all Jobs and where to find them in the game. As mentioned again, for getting into further details about each one of them, make sure to read our linked guides for the respective Asterisks. After having every single one of them, all that remains is to level them up to their max potential. Enjoy!

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.

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