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Choosing a place to raise children can be a daunting task for new families as well as seasoned parents. If it takes a village to raise a child; that may just extend all the way to your next-door neighbor, fifth-grade teacher, or volunteer soccer coach. While all parents are looking for the top place to raise their children, oftentimes this decision means balancing community resources with steep prices for the nicest neighborhoods.

Stacker looked to Niche’s 2021 Best Places to Raise a Family, which evaluates dozens of important components to help families of all stages take a data-driven approach to finding the best communities within their state. Public schools have the heaviest weighting among the considerations included, while crime and safety, cost of living, demographics, and community resources all factor strongly.

From this analysis, we’ve picked out the area in each state that ranks best for raising a family. We’ve ranked the full list from small to large by population—while you may have never even heard of some of these cities, they’re worth taking a look at before you decide to plant your roots. The best spot for your family might be right next door.

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