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As reported on 10 December 2020: In Bamenda town, Mezam department, Northwest region, the provincial government reportedly suspended partnerships between an INGO and Santa Maria Soledad Catholic Hospital Bamenda, as well as other health facilities across the region. The government stated that the reason for suspending the INGOs partnerships was that the Ministry of Public Health was awaiting “the definition of the framework of activities”. Source: Mimi Mefo Info

26 December 2020: In Bambui township, Tubah sub-division, Northwest region, members of the Cameroon Armed Forces stormed the Tubah District Hospital, killing a patient and bike rider who was transporting the patient to hospital. Source: Mimi Mefo Info

Central African Republic

27 December 2020: In Bouar town, Nana-Mambéré prefecture, armed perpetrators broke into the ICRC’s premises at night, ransacked the buildings and looted equipment and veterinary products. Three guards were injured. In response, the ICRC was forced to drastically reduce its humanitarian activities in Bouar. Some staff will reportedly be redeployed elsewhere in the Central African Republic pending the return of a minimum of security in the city. Source: ICRC

27 December 2020: In Kaga-Bandoro town, Nana-Grébizi prefecture, an unidentified gunman entered the compound of an ICRC-supported hospital, threatened security personnel and robbed them of their personal property. Source: ICRC

28 December 2020: In Grimari city, Ouaka prefecture, an off-duty MSF staff member was wounded, and several civilians killed and injured when the public transport truck they were travelling in was caught in the crossfire of unidentified gunmen. The MSF staff member later died from their injuries. Source: MSF

Democratic Republic of the Congo

01 December 2020: In Fizi territory, South Kivu province, an INGO announced the closure of most of its activities in the territory following a number of violent attacks targeting their personnel in recent months. Only a small number of services will continue, including SIDA and tuberculosis treatment, amongst others. Sources: Actualité and Radio Okapi

Around 15 December 2020: In Kananga town, Kananga, KasaiCentral, at least 10 doctors and one nurse were attacked and wounded by unidentified armed men while the victims were working as members of coronavirus response teams. Source: ACLED

30 December 2020: Near Kitchanga town, Rutshuru, Nord-Kivu, a male nurse was kidnapped by unidentified militiamen (likely FDR/Nyatura and APCLS) who demanded a 1,200 USD ransom for his release. Source: ACLED1


As reported on 05 December 2020: In Tigray region, members of the Eritrean Army have taken laboratory equipment, computers, and books from an unnamed medicine production facility. Source: France 24

As reported on 05 December 2020: In Tigray region, in the aftermath of the conflict between the Ethiopian Federal Government and the regional ruling TPLF, fuel shortages have grounded ambulances normally used to ferry patients to hospitals. Source: Reuters


30 December 2020: In Mandera county, an IED set by al Shabaab militants detonated by an ambulance ferrying a pregnant woman, setting the vehicle on fire. The husband of the expectant mother died in the attack, while a nurse and the ambulance driver were left with injuries. Source: Garowe Online


07 December 2020: In Gumsa, Geidam LGA, Yobe, large quantities of drugs were stolen from the health center and an ambulance was set ablaze when Boko Haram militants attacked the Gumsa area. Two shops were also set on fire. No casualties reported. Source: ACLED1

10 December 2020: In Calabar City, Cross River state, a physician and his driver were kidnapped from his home by armed perpetrators. The driver was later released. Source: Vanguard

10 December 2020: In Garin Gabas village, Rafi LGA, Niger state, a group of 20 unidentified gunmen kidnapped a nurse and her two children during a wider attack on the village and neighbouring Yakila. Sources: Nkiruka Nistoran and Independent Nigeria

12 December 2020: In Ogoja town, Cross River state, two armed Fulani herdsmen attempted to abduct a physician working with the Monaya Hospital as he returned home. The physician escaped but suffered a gunshot wound. Source: Vanguard

As reported on 17 December 2020: Over fifty doctors have left the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital in response to the targeted kidnapping of physicians. In 2019 and 2020, 18 physicians or their family members in Cross River State have been abducted for ransom. Sources: The Daily Post and the Guardian

24 December 2020: In Pemi village, Borno state, Boko Haram militants killed seven villagers, looted food supplies, and stole medical supplies from a hospital before setting it on fire. Sources: BBC and NZ Herald

26 or 27 December 2020: In Abeokuta city, Ogun state, approximately twelve armed robbers stormed the Lekfad Hospital, stealing vehicles, medications, and valuables from patients. A physician was also beaten by the attackers. Source: Daily Post


22 December 2020: In Mogadishu, an IED of unidentified origin attached to a vehicle detonated outside an unnamed hospital. Sources: Garowe Online


08 December 2020: In Al Fashir city, North Darfur state, unidentified gunmen reportedly stole a Sudanese Red Crescent Society vehicle, after forcing those on board to get out of the car at gunpoint. Source: Dabanga Sudan

28 December 2020: Between Karnoi and El Fasher, North Darfur state, an ambulance was ambushed and hijacked by seven men in RSF uniforms and armed with Kalashnikovs after getting stuck in mud. The perpetrators threatened the driver at gunpoint and fled. The victims were rescued by a bus and brought back to Kutum town. Source: Radio Dabanga

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