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it can Zoe’s playlist Do you play somewhere?

Question: I’m just upset and can’t really think reasonably NBC Cancel Zoe’s extraordinary playlist Two seasons later. I understand that the rating was low and NBC couldn’t make it work business-wise. But the reason this hurts is, especially because the finale did a great job of presenting a new creative direction for the series. There could be so many stories to see Zoe and Max navigating access to power together, and I really see what happens next for them and other characters. I want to I often see emails from people who don’t watch the show until it’s updated, or regret watching a show that ends in Cliffhanger. I don’t do it at all. The first half of the season was desolate, but even at that bumpy moment, the show gave me a lot of joy. And even if that’s the end, you’ll never regret the minute you spent at the show. Broadcasting this is a great gift and I will be grateful if it is. Whether you can continue.

But if you had to guess, what do you think is the possibility? Zoe Do you actually land somewhere?I remembered that Lions Gate was successfully relocated Nashville After ABC cancels, to CMT. (Given that they killed Connie BrittonImmediately after the character, probably this is not the best example. I forgot that Lionsgate did it, but in this case it still feels like a long shot to me. But I hope it happens. — — Jake

Matt Lausch: I will be the same. It feels like another nail in a network TV casket. (I’ve seen too many vintages Dark shadow?) Prodigal son, unicorn, Now beloved Zoe — When a network tries something else, it often finds or cannot find a way to make it work or stick. Do they want to lose me forever? (They don’t, but it seems like a good time to emote.) Even if you’re not completely confident, I hope you find a new platform for the studio to maintain. Zoe And that brilliant cast song and dance — Hulu, which has already been streamed, makes the most sense. But who knows, as there are many cast-offs looking for a new home this season? This makes me sad.So maybe i just see In the Heights Dozens of times this weekend to support.

Dr. Brown feels blue about good things

comment: I was just trying to ask you to tell me Antonia Thomas I haven’t left the cast forever Good doctor She played Clair Brown and saw it She certainly left — Her decision. Apparently she thought it was a great character with no space left to explore. Wrong! It’s her bad move, but I think it’s too late to tell her. The landscape of the television series is littered with actors who have left the hit series prematurely due to “landscape changes” and have never been asked again. I’m sorry to see her go. This seems to be the situation after a strange pandemic on series TV, with many series regulars leaving behind a popular series that has been updated for some reason.For what I see, like Antonia Good doctor, She will be terribly missed. — — Michael E

Matt Lausch: Hopefully it’s not the last of this charming actress who added an important emotional layer to this ensemble, but at least she received a loving farewell from the cast members, and even a hug from Sean. It was.If this trend is happening more and more often to support players seeking new meadows, it may be because there are so many options out there right now in this endless ocean of multi-platform programming, but Michael Is correct that some shows have visibility of hits like Good doctor.. And while Claire is overlooked, these ensemble dramas are almost always in an evolving state, whether because of creative decisions by producers / writers or because actors want to play something new. .. (For me, Shaw made the big mistake of killing Dr. Melendez a year ago.)

Bishop saying otherwise!

Question: What’s wrong with those people NCIS? They have a great cast and a great program and are ruining it! Emily Wickersham Her role is perfect. Why write her out? I just want the producers to see the mistakes in their way and bring her back as a regular. I was very disappointed. — — Cindy

Matt Lausch: Fortunately, they didn’t kill her, so she could come back from time to time, if not a full-time regular. And the situation regarding the departure of Bishop (and Emily Wickersham) is Good doctor The situation of Antonia Thomas, This didn’t look like a tough splitAlthough it is not entirely clear whether it was a mutual decision.Seven seasons are a decent practice for such supporting characters, especially considering that it’s not all. NCIS Fans were as enthusiastic as Cindy about the agents hired to step into Jiva’s considerable shadow.

Glaze The finale felt catharsis a year after COVID

comment: Now COVID-Shortened / Inspired Season Grey’s Anatomy Since it was over, I enjoyed the time shift of the season finale, so I decided to put up a pipe. Living something in real time and seeing time in the sense of fast-forwarding would really bring back how quickly those vaccines were created and the emotional release after you were vaccinated. Would you like to re-watch this season on Netflix or the streamer it’s alive when you re-watch it later in life? I honestly don’t know.But this season Grey’s Anatomy (And to some extent Station 19He helped me handle the trauma of Bonker, who had been in my life for the past year or so. — — Veronica

Matt Lausch: I was happy to read this. Because while many agree that they keep Meredith in the limbo of its Schmalzi beach for a long time, I decided that this medical drama would double Covid’s storyline and a variety of grays. Respect doctors’ pandemic sacrifices Sloan (and, of course, their patients). Over the months, I’ve filed many complaints from viewers who just want to escape on a TV show. It was not always a reminder of the situation in which we were all alive. But if the show were to face it head-on, it would look like this: Glaze — It’s great to see them emerge from dangerous goods style headcovers next season. I thought the time jump at the finale brought the catharsis we all needed. Instead of throwing a cliffhanger nowhere else, with the exception of the Link-Amelia split, the season ended with a note of happiness and calm. Thanks.

How Bachelor Will the nation continue without its host?

comment: In the local morning news this morning, Chris Harrison will be permanently banned from future hosting operations either Bachelor is showing. I am indignant at this. The man did everything to redeem what he said in that stupid interview with Rachel Lindsay. Yes, he hired a strong lawyer some time ago, but I think he was only protecting himself if this happened. I hope he will sue everyone involved in this. I love Chris Harrison.He is the face Bachelor Franchise. ABC and Warner Bros. must be very careful about who to choose instead of Chris.most Bachelor Fans are not happy with this news. So it needs to be a very likable and well-known person.And not David spade..A big mistake to host him Bachelor’s degree in paradise.. This country will never heal unless people can begin to forgive. Don’t forget, forgive me. so sad! — — Melinda B.

Matt Lausch: It’s an unfortunate situation and I don’t love or respect this franchise, but I realize that Chris Harrison was an avid supporter of the brand that made him famous and arguably wealthy. I will.It’s still unclear if he’s irreparably damaged in the controversy last season, but by appointing David Spade as one of the revolving guest hosts. Bachelor’s degree in paradise (In addition to Tituss Burgess, Lance Bass, And Lil Jon), ABC makes it pretty clear that spin-offs are considered a joke. I think so. What’s not a joke is the deep emotions fans have when these changes are made.Many haven’t overcome ABC dumping yet Tom Burgeron From Dance with the stars After years of sterling service Tyra Banks..

Lightning round

Question: Can you tell me what’s going on Good girls At NBC? It’s been less than a month, but isn’t the season finale until July 22nd? — — Natalie

Matt Lausch: This year was a tough year for the show, which was exposed to unexplained long Good girlsIs still waiting to know if it will be the fifth season, but the schedule has been volatile since its premiere in March, and recently for various sports preemptions, including the Billboard Music Awards and Olympic trial coverage. I bumped into it on Sunday. Next few weekends. (Currently, nothing is more important to NBC than the Olympics. I’m just saying.) The good news is Good girls Has shifted from June 24th to Thursday and seems to be stacking episodes for weeks to finish the season just in time for the Olympics to start on July 23rd.

Question: Inheritance: Will you be back? — — Patty

Matt Lausch: Yes, of course. The pandemic has delayed this Emmy-winning drama for quite some time, but is reportedly scheduled to return this fall. I can’t wait.

Question: When is the season finale Walker? — Sandra R

Matt Lausch: It is currently scheduled for August 12th.

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