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Anne-Marie wants to be a “private detective” who catches scammers.

The singer of “Don’t Play” revealed that her “dream job” is working as a private detective. She wants to be hired by her partner to “catch” dishonest people.

She told The Sun newspaper: I wanted to be a private detective for the rest of my life.

“Honestly, it’s my dream job to catch someone who is cheating. I want to do this for my secondary job. I also write songs about people who aren’t treating you properly. , One of my favorite stories. And I like to get people back by doing what they did wrong with me. “

Anne-Marie spent last year blocking her work on new music while she was waiting for her detective career to begin.

The singer also said he recently began participating in treatment sessions during the blockade. This changed the brain “better”.

She states: “When I was blocked, I started treatment with a real psychologist. She honestly changed my whole brain better.

“So far, everyone was trying to let go of what they might be thinking about me, because it controls much of me, removes that worry, and hopes for my life. Because I am alive. “

The 30-year-old singer explained that the treatment changed her life.

She added:

“But when the pandemic broke out and I lost my life in music, I just crashed. I was so low and so sad that I was confused about what made me happy, so in the week I started treatment once, and it changed completely in my life.

“Talking to a psychologist changed my life completely, and I was writing an album in the process, so I quit the therapy session and wrote some.”

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