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America Ferrera has reflected on learning to be a mother to two children during the pandemic.

The 36-year-old actress – who welcomed daughter Lucia into the world in May – also has two-year-old son Sebastian with her husband Ryan Williams, and she has opened up on what 2020 meant to her.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote: «This was the year I…

«had my baby girl during a pandemic… learned to mother two children at once (during a pandemic)… pumped a lot of breast milk while exhausted out of my mind…

«had very little quality time with my husband but managed to sneak away to celebrate our 15 year anniversary (sic)».

America also pointed to projects like ‘Gentefied’ and ‘Superstore’, as well as saying goodbye to the ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ franchise after more than a decade.

She continued: «2020 – you were a worthy challenger. I never liked you girl but I respected you, and above all, I’m grateful grateful grateful for the good you gave me – health & safety, time with my family, a deep appreciation for community and brighter days ahead. (sic)»

Meanwhile, the former ‘Ugly Betty’ star had been looking forward to a «super simple» Christmas with her husband Ryan and their children Sebastian and Lucia.

She previously said: «This is [Lucia’s] first Christmas, which she’ll never remember, but it’s my two year old’s first Christmas really getting excited and having an understanding about the holidays and celebrating.

«Luckily, he doesn’t know what he’s missing from any other year, but we’re going do our best to just celebrate and make it feel special even though we can’t be with all of our family and friends.»

And she revealed how Lucia “bursts into tears” around new people, because she’s spent all of her life in lockdown.

She explained: «Whenever there is an occasion for a new face, she just bursts into tears. She doesn’t know what to do with new faces, so hopefully she’s young enough that this will all start to get better before it can really start to stick with her.”

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