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Due to the global health crisis, many businesses were forced to close and some had to lay off some of their employees just to survive. This led to an increase in unemployment in many countries like the US. With the development of the vaccines for the virus that plagued today’s society, the economy of many countries like the US is slowly starting to recover.

As the economy recovers, the employment rate will follow. If you’re one of those people who had to leave work because of the effects of the pandemic, the year 2021 might be your chance to score a stable job. Taking advantage of the recovering economy is one of the best ways to land stable employment.

This article will discuss the current state of the global employment scene, and it’ll help you to prepare for a stable job to help you recover the losses in 2020.

The Current State Of Global Employment 

The unemployment rate can provide an indicator of how hard or easy it will be to find a job in a down economy. In many states in the US, there has been a rise in unemployment rates. In Santa Clarita California alone, there has been a 145 percent rise in unemployment due to the global pandemic.

Almost all of the industries were affected by the global health crisis. Industries such as hotels, food services, transportation, malls, and retails were forced to close because of lockdowns in many countries and states. Aside from that, the pandemic worsened the pre-existing trends relating to poverty and income inequality. More people found themselves becoming homeless because they can’t afford rent.

How To Find A Stable Job In The Coming Year 

Some experts forecast that the number of returning workers will pick up slightly in the next several months. This will occur as the recovering economy makes up for any losses in the job market.

With that, 2021 will slowly become a great opportunity to find a stable job. Looking for a stable job can be challenging as it will require intensive research and preparation. Here are some tips to help you become employed in the coming year:

1. Watch Out For In Demand Jobs For 2021

If you have the right set of skills, there’s a chance your profession will be in-demand in the coming year. Here are four of the in-demand professions for 2021:

  • Nurse Practitioners

With the current pandemic, more health care workers are needed to help the growing number of patients. Demand for nurse practitioners (NPs) is rising at a steady pace in many countries. With an aging population and an increasing demand for healthcare professionals, the demand for nurse practitioners is on the increase as well. If you’re interested to gain experience or certifications in this industry, you should visit sites like RNtoBSNProgram.com to gain the necessary skills to land the job.

  • Computer Specialists

In a world run almost entirely by computers, there’s a growing need for computer specialists of all sorts and skill levels. Today, as factories become more automated, someone has to figure out the applications to operate the automated machines. People who work in factories, construction, or other workplaces need to be computer specialists. Some of these professionals go on to be software designers, while others go into banking, consulting, or teaching.

Another type of specialist is the information technology or data architect. The information technology expert designs networks that will allow for the transfer of information. The information technology expert typically goes on to be a developer or designer of telecommunication systems. On the other hand, the computer scientist specializes mainly in working with hardware. These specialists often go on to be software engineers or consultants.

The third specialist is the information technology security specialist. The information technology security specialist, like the computer architect, specializes mostly in designing information technology networks. Most of them go on to become consultants or teaching specialists. Their job involves designing computer software programs that will help deter hackers.

  • Digital Marketing Specialists

The demand for digital marketing specialists is increasing at a high rate. As more businesses look to digital formats to advertise their products and services, the demand for search engine optimization (SEO) specialists will also increase. When starting in this career path, it’s important to make sure that you have everything you need.

One of the main skills you’ll need to develop as a digital marketing specialist is an understanding of search engine optimization. This involves learning how to use keywords and phrases to drive visitors to your website. You’ll also need to understand the role SEO plays in driving your audience to your website. It’s not just about building a site and hoping people will find it.

With the global crisis, many schools are now gearing toward virtual or online learning. Unlike going to regular schools, teachers, especially in public schools, cannot cater to a large number of students every day. With that, it’s expected to have an increase in the demand for teachers in the coming year.

2. Find Job Postings Online

If you don’t have the skills to land a job in the most in-demand industries today, you should consider looking for ways to earn legitimate money online. Because of the pandemic, many businesses are outsourcing many jobs or hiring freelancers to do many tasks.

You don’t need to be a professional to land stable jobs online. You can find online training and even free tutorial videos to help you get started. There are many freelance jobs that one can take up. Some of these include:

  • Data Entry

One of the easiest freelance jobs for beginners is data entry. This is also very popular and can be a good option if you prefer to work directly with people. There are many companies out there who like to employ individuals such as data entry clerks to do a lot of their work for them.  If you can learn how to do it properly, then you can earn $200 per hour or more.

  • Content Writer

Another type of freelance jobs for beginners is content writing for blogs and websites. This involves quite a bit of research. You need to research on what is popular on the Internet at the time and then use this information to write about it.

  • Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant, sometimes referred to as a VA, is usually self-employed, and offers specialized administrative, technological, or creative support to clients virtually from a remote office. He offers administrative services such as answering phone calls and emails, data entry, drafting documents, preparing letters and correspondence, managing spreadsheets, and organizing files and databases. Some virtual assistants even offer secretarial services.

  • Social Media Manager

Social media management is the use of various social media networks and sites to advertise a product or service effectively. Social media managers should also possess marketing and design skills. The SMM specialists are often consulted by SEO experts to address specific concerns of their target audience. The SMM consultants and designers play an integral role in the development of promotional strategies.

  • Video Editor

As a video editor, you will handle material like camera footage, voice-overs, sound effects, images, and other creative elements to create a completed product, preferably in the form of video. Your skills will depend on your experience, training, and education. In making a video editor resume, it’s best to highlight your unique skills and expertise which prove you’re an expert.

Working as a remote sales representative is an excellent way for you to make money. In these difficult times, being able to work flexible hours at your own time and still earn a lot of money is a good thing.

You’ll learn how to market the products and services that a company is offering and how to effectively sell those products and services to clients that are located all over the world. You’ll learn how to handle the customers and how to close a sale. As you begin your training, you’ll find that a remote job like this will offer you flexibility and ample opportunity to learn on the go. In some remote sales jobs, you’re not even allowed to set foot on your house because you’re on the road selling and making sales calls.

Job Searching

3. Create A Compelling CV or Resume

A resume must be tailored to match the requirements of the specific job being applied for. For example, if the job is for a financial analyst, a resume that does not include information about previous or current financial jobs may be completely worthless.

Before you create a resume, you must know what the specific job requirements are. You must also research on the job requirements and gather all necessary information relevant to the job before putting together a resume.

In addition to crafting the perfect resume, you must also take steps to make your resume stand out from the rest. This can be done through a personalized cover letter, which is a letter that contains personally identifiable information. This type of letter serves as a personal opening statement.

The cover letter should contain positive statements about yourself and should focus on things such as achievements, goals, abilities, strengths, and personal traits. The resume should include a catchy headline or catchphrase that will immediately attract the attention of the employer.

4. Learn to Ace Interviews

One of the ways to increase your chances of landing a stable and good-paying job is to impress your employers during the interview process. It’s important to realize that the person who does your interview is evaluating not only your resume, but also your personality and work ethics. Here are some tips to help you become successful in job interviews:

  • How To Prepare For a Job Interview:

Before you even start thinking about how to be successful in job interviews, you have to prepare. Take some time to go over your resume and any other documents, such as the cover letter, that you might need. Be sure to highlight any special skills or accomplishments that you’ve had over the years.

One of the most important things you can do when preparing for an interview is to know the kind of questions job-seekers ask. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget this.

Some interviewers would ask common questions like asking for your weaknesses and strengths or what you can contribute to the company. Some interviewers will try to test your knowledge about the job you’re applying for or the company itself. It’s better to be prepared to answer these questions.

Once you know the kind of questions most people ask, it’s a good idea to come up with answers to those typical questions. As an example, you can mention that you’ve worked in your current position for the past five years. That shows you understand what your interviewer’s focus is. You can also mention how much experience you have in a particular field. Most interviewers like to see experience in every aspect of the job. They want someone who has taken the time to learn all aspects of their profession.

  • How To Behave During The Interview

When sitting down to have your interview, always speak clearly and slowly. Always remember to answer with confidence, answering truthfully and professionally. Make sure that you practice your interviewing techniques before the day of the interview.

Be confident and demonstrate your knowledge without seeming too aggressive. Even though you’re doing an interview, you should still be friendly and seem interested in learning more about the company. Dress appropriately for the situation—no shorts or sandals in an interview for a professional position. By following these tips on how to be successful in job interviews, you can find yourself doing well in the interview for the job that you want.


Reports say that it’s not100 percent certain that the economy will rise in the coming year. But, there are projections that unemployment will slowly decrease starting next year. Some businesses started to reopen and become available to the public as long as they all follow health and safety protocols. With that, many of these businesses would need an additional workforce to ensure that every customer and worker is safe.

The year 2021 gives many people a lot of hope because of the development of vaccines. With that, you need to prepare yourself so that you can be confident in your job search.

It’s also a great opportunity to work online and find opportunities where you’ll need minimal training. Many employers are looking for freelancers to do jobs for them. Lastly, you need to prepare an impressive resume and perform well in the interview so that you can get that stable job.

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