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How reliant is your workplace on technology? From automation and machine learning to social media and video software, new tech developments are turning the working world on its head.

In an age when technology has completely revolutionised our lives, it’s hard to narrow down the number of industries that are being transformed. But the four that we’ve included in this article are some of the best examples of how tech is shaping the way we do business.

In this article, we’ll explore three industries that are being completely transformed by tech. The dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, otherwise known as Industry 4.0, has helped these sectors become more advanced, more productive, and more profitable.

  1. The Gambling Industry

Worth a staggering $227 billion around the world, the online gambling sector is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. With the introduction of entertainment such as slots online, livestream technology, and mobile games, it’s never been easier to bring Las Vegas to your living room – or anywhere else you fancy a spin.

In the past, people needed to gamble in person. This meant either visiting a physical casino, arranging a poker night with friends, or placing bets at the bookies. Today, technology has enabled us to have a shot at the jackpot at any time and place.

Not only does this mean that people are gambling more than ever, but it’s also changed the industry’s target demographic. According to statistics, women are far more likely to visit an online casino than a bricks-and-mortar establishment. This suggests that tech is one of the most important factors when it comes to democratising an industry.

  1. The Manufacturing Industry

It’s not just the online casino EnergyCasino that’s benefitting from new technology. From the origins of the modern-day assembly line to the cutting-edge machines we work with today, the manufacturing industry is one of the most forward-facing in the world.

Two of the greatest technology developments that have transformed the manufacturing industry include:


Sci-fi may have fed us the stereotype of evil robots trying to take over the world, but in the manufacturing sector, robots are literally saving our lives. They’re able to carry out tasks that could prove dangerous for human workers, enabling people to stick to safer and less repetitious jobs.


Automation ensures that products are consistent. By programming machines to fulfil certain criteria, it’s never been easier to ensure a neat and even finish across your entire product batch.

  1. The Marketing Industry

Before the widespread adoption of technology, marketing and advertising was conducted largely on guesswork. (Think billboards in stations and ads in print magazines – there’s almost no way of knowing how many people pay attention to them). Today, however, analytics and other tools are making it possible for companies to create highly effective online campaigns.

Whether it’s a heatmap that can track a customer’s journey on your website or A/B testing to monitor the efficiency of different email subject lines, digital marketing is one of the most advanced industries in the world. The science of selling has never been more accessible – and companies are using it to target customers as never before.

As technology continues to shape our industries, who knows what’s next for these highly disruptive sectors?

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